For over 25 years, Senergy has been a leading provider of EIFS, Stucco and specialty finishes and coatings for the North American construction industry. Their goal is to help their customers design and construct the most enduring buildings possible. Combining knowledge, experience and insight gained from listening to their customers’ needs enables them to develop advanced, cost-effective solutions. All Senergy products are installed by trained applicators.


Exterior Insulation Finish Systems

From the ground up, Senergy’s Standard PB has withstood the test of time. Several colors and textures available to enhance any exterior.

Water Managed Class PB EIFS

These systems offer extra protectionwhere water management is an issue. There is a system available to fit virtually any design application.

Stucco Systems

Handcoat Stucco systems provide impact and moisture resistance. Color and texture options are virtually limitless.

Cement Board Stucco Systems

For the ultimate impact and moisture resistant system choose our Cement Board Stucco Systems with a wide variety of colors and textures available.